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We can help find a squadron near you. On the water, on shore or volunteering in the community — our membership is educating friends and family and our boating public to become safer boaters.  We hope you join the fun!

Scroll down to find a squadron near you or submit this form and one of our members will be in contact with you shortly.

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“How do we know how to get to the reef? How do we get back? How deep is this water? How do we know where we are? My husband answered all of my questions, and I felt safe and comfortable knowing that he knew what he was doing.

I still think he enjoys hanging out with his class buddies, but I’m glad he took the courses and can’t wait until our next boating adventure!”

– Debbie Murphy

Find Your Local Squadron

Click “USE LOCATION” to find a squadron near you, or X out of the prompt to enter a city and state or street address in the “Find A Squadron” search box.


V302 Clutch Soft amp; Leather Taupe Soft Shoulder Genuine Genuine Bag


Get Your Directions

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Use my location to find the closest Squadron near me

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Genuine Shoulder Taupe Genuine Soft Soft Bag V302 Leather amp; Clutch R5UYwZ